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Viv Hunter

PA for Wendy Peoples & Auction Program Co-Ordinator

Viv has been in the real estate industry for some twenty one years and knows all aspects of real estate, she has her Agents Licence and previously owned her own real estate office. 

Viv possesses a unique ability to put the mythical 6th sense into practice (she knows where to be, what to do and just gets on and does it).  She has always operated on a “yes” mentality providing all the support that a business and their team need.

​One of Viv’s most admired qualities is her determination on all fronts and her philosophy of, if she doesn't know how to do something she simply says "give me a minute to find the answer to that and I will get it done" and it is.  Her level of professionalism, knowledge and competency is unparalleled which sometimes boarders on being a little OCD, but that’s just Viv.

The start of the year has seen Viv completing in March the 2020 Iron Man in Taupo a goal she set herself some ten months earlier. Her move to work with the Ray White, AT Realty Team sees her facing some new challenges and a refreshing change of which she is extremely excited about.  She is really looking forward to what lies ahead.