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Ray White Manurewa was the very beginning of an incredible journey spanning two decades for Sue Douglas and her family. Described as “a promising seedling” which grew to an unshakeable tree, they developed the inaugural branch with endless aspiration, dedication, hard work and positivity.

In 1998, following four whirlwind years as a salesperson with Ray White, Sue was inspired to open her first franchise specialising in residential real estate. She picked her spot wisely, on what is now known as ‘Ray White Corner’ on the main street of Manurewa. Six months later, Sue’s husband, Wayne, joined her, and the couple spent the next ten years diligently building their business into one of the most successful real estate offices in South Auckland.

The Manurewa branch holds a notable distinction as a primary founding business for Ray White New Zealand. It is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades over the years and remains the stronghold of property management for the Ray White Sue Douglas Group.

The parent company has now tripled with the addition of the Takanini and Drury offices, but Sue proudly bases herself at the Manurewa limb of their family tree for part of every week. As full owner and manager, she takes a keen interest in the professional and personal growth of her staff. Still assuming responsibility for weekly sales meetings at the branch to uphold healthy, productive channels of communication, Sue prioritises personal and professional growth for all her team. The Manurewa office also forms the central hub for administration, marketing, accounts, and customer care – an essential engine room for all three branches of Ray White Sue Douglas Group.

Ray White Manurewa’s longevity is a distinct asset in the field of real estate. It’s safe to say there are few questions they couldn’t answer, and even fewer problems they couldn’t solve. Nonetheless, their journey is far from over, quite the opposite. They’re gaining momentum in leaps and bounds with a team who are untiring in their hunt to find better ways to make your real estate hopes a reality. If you’d like to take the stress out of selling or buying property, give Ray White Manurewa a call – not only will they succeed, but they’ll help you enjoy yourself along the way.

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