Renee Ansin

Digital Administrator

When a business is growing as fast as the Ray White Sue Douglas Group, it takes good strategy to stay afloat. The newly created role of  Database Manager is an excellent example of their forward-thinking, and you'd be pushed to find someone more suited to the position than Renee Ansin.

Renee’s role exists to meet Sue Douglas' vision; to connect and engage people authentically, and grow and nurture relationships based on their individual needs. As part of the leadership team, she will be responsible for observing the current state of customer interfaces, spot potential, and implement changes using best practice. That requires a perfect mix of likeability, social flair, advanced problem-solving skills, and the adaptability to defuse even the trickiest of situations. Renee has all that and more, and when you take a closer look, you’ll see why.

Growing up, Renee had the advantage of a mother who was a successful real estate salesperson, now a top business development coach, who always believed in empowering others. By the age of 8, Renee was answering phones so professionally, she was regularly mistaken for her mother’s personal assistant. With that kind of confidence, it’s no surprise that she studied performing arts out of college, an experience which gave her an uncanny sense of knowing what people need, and which skills she needs to employ to meet them.

An ideological nature led her to study theology, a discipline which complimented her outgoing, caring personality with the opportunity to give back to her community. During her studies, she worked as a Large Group Presenter, teaching a values programme to two large groups of school children. After two years, her talents were quite evident, resulting in a promotion to Zone Co-Ordinator for West Auckland, managing communications, training and compliance of the programme in participating schools. Renee has also held positions in frontline administration, sales, and telecommunications.

Renee is well aware that work-life balance is necessary to maintain momentum. Her community remains a priority, allocating voluntary hours to her church every week; the youngest person ever accepted into the Pastoral Care team. She also loves singing, spending time with her husband, and heading out for walks. To date, they have only one dependant, ‘Chopper’, a Mini Lop rabbit, who thinks nothing of accompanying the couple on a lead for their regular walks.