Paras Jaiswal

Licensee Salesperson

Paras Jaiswal is one of those naturally positive people, who doesn’t include “can’t” and “no” in his vocabulary. Emigrating from India at 19, he is someone who knows how to push through adversity and recognises that nothing ever happens without hard work and commitment.

Describing himself as very solution based, Paras’s optimism helps him to clearly ascertain your needs, then quickly find insightful and appropriate ways to overcome your obstacles. His bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting and Finance shows that not only is he clever, but he can take care of the details for you with very little effort.

Four years of prior experience in insurance sales has given him an excellent grounding, and like many good salespeople, Paras loves to build healthy relationships and meet lots of new characters along the way. His ability to relate is immediately apparent - it doesn’t hurt that he speaks three languages either. Living and working in and around many of the South Auckland suburbs has equipped Paras with thorough local knowledge. You’ll find him to be extremely flexible and reliable due to an unshakeable career focus and a determination to get the best possible results for you.

Despite his dedication to his job, Paras admits to being a big fan of road trips, travelling around the country taking in the sights, and he’s also a keen cricket enthusiast, heading down to The Cornwall Park Cricket Club whenever he gets a chance.