Alan Cooper

Licensee Salesperson

Passion is hard to feign, especially for your work, and Alan Cooper has it in spades. His genuine enthusiasm for family, life and his return to a senior sales position at Ray White Manurewa are spontaneous and infectious; it’s easy to see why he’s so good at what he does. 

A career in sales was predestined right from the get-go, due to inclination and natural ability. Residing in South Auckland, where he grew up and has spent most of his 35-odd year career, Alan’s knowledge of the market, geography and people is second to none; endorsed by his extensive network of resources and connections within the industry.

Starting out at Ray White Manurewa in the early 1990s, Alan decided to gain exposure in a variety of sectors to understand the reality of wider commercial expectations. For the next two decades, he amassed an impressive work history, with a proven record of ascending the ladder in every job he took on. His work ethic and application to his trade netted senior positions in the SME industry such as General Manager Sales of the biggest online vehicle marketplace in the country, and Director Global Sales and Marketing for FrontOne NZ Ltd. His capabilities did not go unnoticed, leading to active recruitments into increasingly high profile roles on at least five separate occasions.

In 2013, Alan decided it was time to return to real estate, an industry for which he'd always felt a strong affinity. Joining a prominent South Auckland company, it didn’t take long to prove his worth. Achieving New Zealand Rookie Of The Year in his first twelve months, he then earned Double Diamond Achiever and a spot in the top 20 agents for 2015, rounded off by a coveted position in the top ten sales agents for 2016. 

Knowing full well that first impressions are everything in a competitive world, Alan places a huge emphasis on maintaining an excellent disposition and immaculate presentation. He credits his results to a calm, collected temperament, a talent for making complex processes simple, and a focus on efficiency.

In addition to sales, Alan has a host of interrelated expertise, including marketing, targeted marketing, strategic problem solving, and advanced communication and negotiation skills.

He gets his greatest source of professional reward from the golden moment of coalition when all parties involved reach their desired outcome and defines success by getting clients what they want.  

The commitment Alan has to his profession is easily matched by his love for his wife of over 20 years and his four sons, ranging from 8 to 21-years-old. They’re highly active in their community, offering up to ten voluntary hours per week at their local church. Spending time together is a priority, playing sports or heading away on a family holiday.